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The way foi stamping works is amazing. The thin strip of foil is press through a foil press machine. The surface of your work is placed underneath the foil. The heat and pressure are applied to leave an indent on the paper. The heat allows the colour from the foil to stick onto the page. Above examples of the foil stamping works are used by this method. (GP5 / MP02 foil press machine)
Foil stamp
Foil stamp
Foil staming
Foil stamp

Today, die-cut products can be made by many methods. it is depend upon the material, thickness and details of the design you want to diecut. You can create sign, book cover, wedding card, goods tag or your ideas.In addition to normal printing work, this diecut work is another choice to present your products with dimensional look and touch. (C-Press 440)

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This is one of the wonderful method for book binding. It allows you to easily remove or add pages. The book lies completely flat whether it is open, closed or folded back upon itself. This is because the page rotates 360 degrees around the rings. Everything is removable in this system : rings, pages and covers. (Smart binding)













Smart binding easy remove
Smart binding black&white


Smart binding disc variety




Smart binding notebook


Smart binding wood